In college, while majoring in printmaking, I began engraving. I have continued studying and expressing this technique further over the years. After graduating from Art school I began studying jewelry engraving, and since that time this form of engraving has been my primary focus. Engraving on jewelry is a slightly different process than engraving for printing purposes: the same tools are used but they are sharpened differently.

Recently I have decided to return to printmaking. The smell of the ink and carefully printing an edition for the first time in a while has brought back many memories. All of the prints on this page are taken from hand engraved copper plates. (By clicking on a print you will see both: the print and engraved copper plate). There are many ways to make prints. The prints on this page are engravings and mezzotints. Just a few have been added for now but more will be placed on the site soon.

Clicking on any of the images below will open with an enlarged view.