Soul Symbols are visual records of your Soul's wisdom, compressed into a picture that is then engraved on a piece of silver, gold or platinum. They are wonderful tools for connecting with a vast reservoir of personal power. During our lives, the channel to this power is often lost in a jumble of daily stresses, concerns, and worries. Soul Symbols help you align with and clear this channel, providing extra support in your life (for example: healing, courage, creativity, balance of desires, spiritual guidance and opening).

Each Soul Symbol is a unique personal Soul imprint (never repeated and is only for one individual). The symbol image that I engrave on the metal is channeled by my lovely wife Eugenia, who has been working to help others help themselves for over 20 years. Eugenia Oganova is a metaphysical teacher, best-selling author, a counselor, and a gifted clairvoyant. Visit her site Her BLOG is filled with lots of practical self-help information, check it out :)



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(Unique) Soul Symbol

Each engraved symbol is never repeated and is only for one individual
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