Why “The Friendly Fish”?

The Friendly Fish is a name I have given to my website for many reasons. I have included a few of these reasons in this section. At first, the title may seem to be irrelevant to the content, so this page is meant to be an introduction. I hope that is helpful.

First, the name is a title that best describes my intentions and attitude towards visitors to my website. I am a friendly and open person but only to a point, much like one fish may be friendly towards another. There is very little in the way of “bear hug” friendship, but much in the form of curiosity and the pleasure of swimming around another for a moment - like fish. My hope is that you will find some time to swim through this website!

Second. Water, the home of a fish, is a description of the overall composition - I think of this site like a body of water. Visitors can swim on the surface or can go as deep as they like. The work here ranges from comfortably simple to deeply personal.

I have included on the sight work from many areas that I am interested in. The hand engraving work I do touches many people. I feel so privileged to be able to personalize items for others. Over my 16 years as an engraver, I have engraved tens of thousands of items for loved ones, proud achievers, and memorials for some who have passed on.

Also on the site is artwork. Although all of the work has an important esthetic component, some pieces go deeper into the subtle nature of what I find most fascinating in life. My brother recently described me as a deep box, and that I am forever determined to learn of all the contents. I guess that this website is an inventory of a the things that I have found within.

Third, I have intended The Friendly Fish to be a symbol of all that I would like to reflect out into the world. The fish, water, color, value, design, mobility etc. are all symbolic and have a purpose. I have done my best within the confines of media, to reflect into the world, all that I would like the world I live in to be. I will leave it as simple as that, and let any curiosity the visitor has explain the rest.